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What is Devaseva?
Devaseva is an online portal that connects the divine to the devotees. It allows you to book different kinds of sevas at various temples of your choice, across India. We offer a large list of spiritual sevas that hold an extreme importance in the Hindu culture.
A seva is a spiritual practice or ritual that is performed at spiritual places to receive blessings and desired outcomes.
As mentioned, we offer a variety of sevas and services at different temples across India. You can book hawans, abhishekam, aarti, etc at temples of your choice that will be performed in your name.Other sevas include Annadanam (meal donation), GoSeva (welfare of cows) as well as donation for reconstruction or renovation of temples. The booking process is hassle-free.
You can book different kinds of sevas directly from our website. You can check out the list of services we offer on the portal. You can also choose the one that acts as the perfect remedy to your problems. Click on the desired option, book it, make the payment and leave everything to us. The seva will be performed in your or your family's name and a notification will be sent to you.
Devaseva is a one-of-kind platform that connects the divine to the devotees. We save your travel and allow you to book a seva at the temple of your choice online from your home. You have the freedom to choose the type of seva and all the money goes to the temple directly allowing devotees to engage with temples.
While checking out all the sevas, make sure to go through all the mentioned deliverables. Also, fill in all your details so the temple can perform the rituals in your name. Once done, a notification of completion will be sent to you. In some cases, videos of the seva and prasadam will be sent as well.