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||  What is Devaseva?  ||
At Devaseva, we organise authentic pujas based on the auspicious days of the Vedic calendar throughout the year for millions of Hindu Devotees and provide an easy-to-use online platform where they can actively participate in these sacred rituals from their home and experience divine blessings. We understand the challenges of organising every puja by yourself, which is why Devaseva is here to bridge the gap and bring you closer to the divine.
  1. Special pujas on various occasions: We conduct special pujas on significant festivals, auspicious days, and important events every month to invoke divine blessings.
  2. Doshas Pariharas: We perform pujas specifically aimed at mitigating or pacifying doshas (malefic influences) in one's life. These pujas help alleviate obstacles and bring about positive changes.
  3. Abhishekams: We perform abhishekams, which involve the ceremonial pouring of sacred substances like milk, water, honey, and ghee on deities, to invoke their divine grace and blessings.
  4. Havans: We organise havans, or fire rituals, where sacred offerings are made into the fire while chanting mantras. These rituals are believed to purify the environment and bestow positive energies.
  5. Daana: Devotees can also contribute to noble causes through daana (charitable donations). We facilitate opportunities to feed Sadhus, Poor Brahmins & Gau mata.
We have successfully conducted Sevas for 10 lakhs+ happy devotees over the past two years. We prioritise your Puja experience and strive to create a seamless and enriching spiritual journey for each devotee. Our commitment to authenticity and positive feedback from satisfied devotees further reinforces our trustworthiness. Choose Devaseva for a meaningful and fulfilling spiritual experience.
Puja holds the power to bestow its benefits, irrespective of physical presence. Your sincere devotion and active participation, even from a remote location, can invite divine blessings and spiritual transformation. Our experienced Veda Pandits perform the Puja rituals in the most authentic way and also take a Sankalpa in your and your family members names in most of the Pujas which help to reap the best benefits.
Devaseva takes great care in selecting revered and knowledgeable Priests/Brahmins to conduct the rituals. These experienced individuals are entrusted with the sacred task of performing the rituals with utmost devotion, precision and expertise, adhering to traditional practices. Rest assured that your spiritual journey is guided by experts who ensure the sanctity and authenticity of the rituals.
Devaseva meticulously selects venues of utmost cleanliness and sanctity for conducting the rituals. These include Yagyashalas (sacred fire ritual halls), ashrams (spiritual retreat centres), peethams (spiritual seats), and Divya kshetras (holy places). We prioritise locations that provide a conducive environment for live streaming while ensuring minimal disturbances. This commitment ensures an uninterrupted and authentic virtual participation experience, allowing you to connect deeply with the sacred rituals.
To watch the Puja virtually, our team will provide you with the date, time, and link to access the live streaming via whatsapp/sms, a day before the puja. Watch and actively participate from your home, experiencing the rituals and divine atmosphere. Recorded sessions of your Sankalpa are also provided for your convenience and flexibility.
Yes, the priest can include your family members' names in the sankalpa during the puja. Just provide the details while booking the Seva, and our priest will ensure their inclusion for blessings. (Note: Few sevas may not include a sankalpa. These details will be mentioned in the individual Seva cards for each Puja in our website.)
Once you complete your payment and book for a Seva, you will receive a booking confirmation over whatsapp which contains a unique booking id generated for you. The links for joining the Seva live will be sent to you via whatsapp/sms, a day before the scheduled Puja so that you and your family can experience the divine virtually. You will receive a recorded video of your Sankalpa after the Puja is performed. Prasad will also be shipped to your address upon successful completion of the Puja.
Yes, Devaseva offers Prasad that is shipped to your address after successful completion of the Puja. You can receive the Prasad within 15 days of conduction of the Puja. (Note: Few sevas may not include Prasad.)

At Devaseva, we perform numerous sevas across different locations. However, due to logistical constraints, it becomes challenging for us to offer such large quantities of Prasad (for the hundreds of bookings we receive) to the deities and then pack and ship the Prasad directly from the Seva location.

To address this, we have a dedicated Paakashala (kitchen) in Hare Krishna Temple Premises, Hyderabad. Here, we prepare the Prasad in larger quantities in a clean and pure environment. In every Seva, a small amount of Prasad is offered to the deities. After the sevas, the sample prasad is transported back to the Paakashala. There, it is mixed with larger quantities and divided into small packages along with other spiritual items. These packages are then shipped to devotees, ensuring that they experience the divine blessings of the seva they participated in.

We offer a live video streaming of the puja/ Havan on the day it is performed. After you’ve made a booking for your choice of puja, you can tune into Youtube or Zoom links provided to you via whatsapp/sms a day before the scheduled ceremony and see the Seva happening live in front of your eyes. (Please note that there are few sevas where we can’t offer Live but share the recording because of connectivity issues in some kshetras.)
No. Doing so may cause hindrances in the flow of the puja that is being performed. All your queries will be resolved before the puja commences. Once the puja starts, Pandit Ji cannot interact with devotees on a one-on-one basis.